Team Walk Captain & Principal's Resource Page


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  • 2016 Walk Bus and Car Parking Information
  • Q&A Including School List by Deanery
  • Campus Map with Deanery Signs


2016 Walk Car & Bus Parking Information Soles Walk Q&A and Deanery List  2016 Soles Walk Campus Map

2016 School Walk Captain Guide

Each school received one hard copy of this guide.  The principals received a copy at Principal Leadership day on April 13.   If your school principal did not attend Leadership Day, please contact Marcy Stone at to get the folder of items that was distributed.



Fundraising and Website Guide

  • Click on the image below to download a copy of the guide.

  • This helpful 36 page guide contains three sections:

  1. Tips for fundraising:  Pages 1-8 provide tips to help you fundraise successfully.
  2. FAQ's: The next seven (7) pages answer questions regarding the website.  How to retrieve your username & password, update contact information, username and/or password, edit your personal or team page, update your personal or team goal and many other frequently asked questions.
  3. Participant Center Overview: The final twenty-one (21) pages provide helpful information regarding your website participant center and how to use it to send emails, add contacts, check your progress, edit your personal and team page and much more.

Fundraising Guide



Please use the resources below to help market the 2016 Walk at your school!

  • The Bulletin Ads and the 8 1/2" x 11" flyers are customizable for your school's use.

  • Click on the image below to download a copy of the item.


2016 Bulletin Ads & Announcements English.JPGWalk flyer 1.JPGWalk flyer 2.JPGWalk flyer 2a.JPGWalk flyer 3.JPGWalk flyer 3_no pics.JPGWalk flyer 4.JPGWalk flyer 5.JPG

Walk flyer 6.JPGJoin US editable flyer!  Recruiting a team!2016 Walk Social Media Posts English.JPG2016 Walk Timeline for School Walk Captains_opt.jpg

Family Registration Form - EnglishLetter for inclusion with sponsor brochure.JPG

2016 Bulletin Ads & Announcements Spanish.JPG2016 Spanish Editable Walk Flyer 1.JPG2016 Spanish Editable Walk Flyer 2.JPG2016 Spanish Editable Walk Flyer 2 no pics.JPG

2016 Spanish Editable Walk Flyer 3.JPG2016 Spanish Editable Walk Flyer 3 no pics.JPG2016 Spanish Editable Walk Flyer 4.JPG2016 Spanish Editable Walk Flyer 5.JPG

2016 Spanish Editable Walk Flyer 6.JPGFamily Registration Form - Spanish


Walk Logos

To save the logos for your school's use, right-click the logo and choose "Save Image As" or "Copy Image."  If you need the logos in different sizes or formats, please contact Marcy Stone,

Walk Logo 155 x 100 Soles Logo Bannerstuff the bus logo  Red Converse Shoe Picture

Thank you for stepping up to be your school's Soles Walk Captain.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

Soles for Catholic Education Sponsors